A Celebration with a difference!

There are so many choices for couples; it must be very difficult for them to finally make a decision on where they will be married and where they will have their reception after they become a married couple.

The Sunshine Coast offers a fantastic variety to choose from but one very clever and motivated lady out there Latoya, has created a gorgeous concept for celebrating your wedding, anniversary, engagement, renewal of vows, birthday – in fact every type of celebration you can think of.
The name of this innovative concept is Deep Love Picnics.

I have been so excited by Deep Love Picnics that I just had to meet with Latoya to find out about her fantastic creation.

Q. Hi Latoya how did this divine concept get started and what exactly for those who don’t know, is Deep Love Picnics.
Well I have always been a creative person, the member of the family that organised all the family events. My fiancée and I enjoy lots of picnics and I always had this idea that others could enjoy this concept too, whether it is just 2 people or a party of people.
There are so many amazing places on the Sunshine Coast and Deep Love Picnics gives you the opportunity to celebrate outside with your family and friends, where there is no technology, and you just enjoy being together, engaging in conversation and taking the time out to invest in relationships.

Q.Do you have different packages?
Every package is individually customised to the client’s wishes. eg: If a client wants a game incorporated into the package we will source out the game, or if they want a flower crown workshop or yoga morning we will outsource other wedding suppliers so that the client’s wishes are part of their package.
Q.Latoya the styling of Deep Love Picnics is simply stunning. Do you discuss themes or colour combinations with your clients?
Usually a client will show us a pic of one of our celebrations that they would like their celebration based on. More often than not though they just say,” We love what you do and trust you to make it nice”.

Q. Do you have an ideal number at each celebration?
We can cater for 2 people or over 100 people. We are going to be catering for the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce – Film Festival. So you can see we can provide whatever our client asks for.

Q.Is there anything special apart from the catering that needs to be organised before the Deep Love Picnic takes place?
All we need is a couple of days’ notice and depending on availability and suppliers we can create an event you won’t forget. Apart from the styling and little touches that we add to your picnic, our passion is bringing you fresh, amazing foods and intricate floral designs, so that we offer you that individual special touch to your event or picnic.

Q.I know this is a difficult question. But do you have a favourite location for your Deep Love Picnics?
Personally I love the beach. For me the beach is a soothing happy place. The sound of the ocean, the gentle breeze is just so gorgeous. Glass House Mountains is awesome too, with rows and rows of trees – a gorgeous setting for one of our picnics.

Q. Latoya what do you think are the advantages of having a Deep Love Picnic?
It’s a low key but glamorous celebration. Lots of couples want a festive type of wedding which we can supply. We still have comfy furniture but more relaxed with lots of cushions. We use vintage furniture and peacock chairs. Chairs are provided especially if you have elderly guests or the bride in her wedding dress finds it difficult getting up and down from cushions. We can do whatever our clients want.


We can also provide beautiful evening celebrations providing festoon lighting and candles.
We like all our furnishings and crockery to be different and we take great pride in finding pieces from antique shops, and shops that have things that are just a bit special and not seen everywhere else.

My fiancée constructed our tepee and he has also made a fantastic arbour which I will now decorate.
We set up everything, we leave our clients to enjoy their celebration and come back to pack up when they are ready to go. We don’t want them to think that we are waiting in the background for them to leave so we can go too, and we are available 7 days a week.

Thank you so much for your valuable time Latoya especially when you have a surprise birthday celebration by the beach this afternoon.
I have to say I think that Deep Love Picnics is fantastic and would love to be involved in one myself…..perhaps a surprise birthday celebration ….hint, hint.

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